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On the Campus of Espinardo -University of Murcia- are located small gardens with plants from different geographical areas. In this game -developed on the ARIS platform -, we work on three of these gardens: the Eastern Mediterranean, the Rose Garden and the Garden of the Hesperides. These three areas are linked by a greenway, we can only visit with a bike or by the walk. A character, posthumous avatar of Gaston Bonnier, botanist and educator, is the guide for this adventure. Gaston tell us where to find seeds on the campus. Once we get the seeds, we receive instructions for planting in the most appropriate place. Gaston wants to teach us to recognize the different flora families on the campus,  show us how to improve our perception. He give us microscopic images of plants leaves. The challenge is to recognize the plants to wich belong these microscopic samples, this will help us to sow our seeds in the most appropriate place.

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