domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

Aris Microcosmos Explorer

From the Art School of the University of Murcia (U.M) in Spain, we are launching a local "ARIS" team to participate in the great international event "ARIS Global Game Jam" grouping various universities all around the world. Our purpose will be to study efficient technics to storyboard locative apps and build a educational prototype with ARIS. We will work around biology, elaborating a locative iphone app with ARIS to explore the microcosmos of our campus...a small secret until the event .) !

Our lab. took place in the ATICA Development Center (Information Technologies and Applied Communication, U.M)

Storytellers, Game Designers, Teachers, Activists, High School Students, Media Artists: Come one! Come all! This April, people from all over the world will be creating new mobile experiences from scratch in just 50 hours using the ARIS engine. Some locations will have dozens of people participating, running workshops for new users and providing group workspace and meals, others locations will be working solo.

June 2012, experimenting a new version of the Aris locative app with the Keeploop microcsope for mobile phones: